Friday, 28 October 2011

So... Erm....

Yeah, I have been spending WAY too much time on my PSP again and forgetting that there are so many other games that have been awaiting my attention. Oh and my old Xbox decided that after being booted by a mardy ex and generally screwing up "conveniently" since I kicked him out in May (long story, not the point mind), that it had had enough of working now and decided that it was going to do the dreaded RROD (Red Ring Of Death = Nastybad not work anymore...) and I was left thinking "Oh fantastic yet another outlay on Tuesday" but that's OK I was thinking of getting a new one eventually anyway it has to be said.

Well enough of my grousing and grumbling about it. My adoptive little brother Josh (who is frankly awesome) said I could borrow his Xbox until Tuesday so I'm back in the game. HA! There is no stopping Sin when she wants to game is there?

I've been attacking Dissidia still and for some reason have taken to playing it just before going to bed. It seems that I find some kind of perverse pleasure in kicking the shit out of a load of characters before bed. That's OK I guess and its not like I physically go out there and knocking the teeth down people's throats. Controlled aggression. Or something like that. As well as embarking on FF VIII on the PS2 (it was actually a PSx release, BUT I have a PS2 so thats how I play it).

Over the next week, I think Tom wants to see how I fare on F1 2011, and I will probably do my own review of it. The only driving game I play is Burnout, it has to be noted so this could be really REALLY interesting!

Keep on Gaming!

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