Sunday, 23 October 2011


Who Is SacrificedSin87?

SacrificedSin87 is actually my gamertag on X Box Live. The name came when I had just delved in to the world of X Box gaming and I was looking for a new and different name, this name came from a random band name I was chewing over. It's been my tag now for nearly 3 years and I think it's kind of stuck.

...But, you're a girl?!

Sorry to shock those who believe gaming is just a pursuit of overgrown teenage boys. But yes, there are girls who game. Yes we are just as good and YES some of are not only attractive, BUT we have boyfriends and we like to game with them.

What Consoles do you have?

My gaming area consists of 2 TVs, an X Box 360, a PS2, a PSP and a DSiXL. Over the years I have had a Sega Master System (both a Master System 1 (with "Safari Hunt" and "Hang On" built in) and a Master System 2 (with "Alex Kidd in Miracle World") as well as the "Light Phaser" and many MANY games) which I had when I was 8 years old. A Super Nintendo, which was borrowed for ages off my oldest brother, again with games and add-ons. An original Game Boy, again from my brother, multiple PSX (the last of which was given to my by my Dad and it lasted till I was 18, I had it when I was about 13), my last one actually went down a set of stairs in a fit of rage. I am on my 4th PSP (multiple times of having to sell it, and my 1st which I wore out) and my 2nd DSiXL.

You did WHAT to a PSx?!

It stopped working. Well I lost my rag and threw it down the stairs. I was 15 or 16 at the time so was at the peak of hormonal teenager. It worked better after that.

Finally, what games do you like to play?

I will play pretty much anything. But my favourite type of game has to be the RPG. In particular the Final Fantasy franchise. I could type until 4 AM about my love of that, BUT it's pretty much a well documented fact that I love Final Fantasy.

In this blog, I am focusing on putting forward objective reviews of different games that I play. This blog may be written by me, but it will not be as focused on my life or health as "My Journey" is. This is a gaming blog. 


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