Saturday, 12 January 2013

2013... Up and Coming...

Well, 2013 is here (it seems the whole apocalypse thing was a load of complete and utter rubbish!) and I am looking over what new games this year has to offer. I have been spending the last few weeks playing the first Dead Space game (excellent, scary and generally a good game), the SAW game, and Devil May Cry 4. I've managed to finish it in "Human" mode and have started doing the "Devil Hunter" mode. I love the challenge of a game I enjoy being harder to play, but I have been looking at what games will soon be hitting my Xbox.

DMC: Devil May Cry.

A reboot of the ever popular Devil May Cry series. A younger, dark haired version of the legendary Demon Hunter is unleashed upon Limbo City to find out about this cult and the identity of the brother who reveals himself to Dante. So far, I have played the demo of this and it does look promising (I admit I was skeptical when I saw what the "New" Dante was going to look like). The control system seems pretty simple to get your hands around and it does include some new moves, like the Angel Lift. Its set to hit the shops in the next few days and I will be getting myself a copy!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

A spin off of one of my favourite game franchises, Metal Gear Solid is taking a new hero and a new style. Instead of Snake and his stealth approach, we are going to be playing with Raiden, his weird cyborg body and his style of cut EVERYTHING and anything you fancy. Under sleek visuals and what promises to be an intuitive gameplay, I think this is going to be a promising offering from Kojima.

So far, these are the ones that have jumped out at me the most, but I know that given time I am going to find more to play!

Happy Gaming!

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